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SANUS Lifestyle

  • Product Development

    Beginning almost 25 years ago with an acoustic revolution in speaker stands, SANUS has led with constant innovation for AV enthusiasts. Products like the first universal wall mount and the first universal full-motion wall mount have positioned SANUS as the global leader in AV mounts, furniture and accessories.

    SANUS Fast Facts

    • • SANUS products have won over 30 awards in the US and dozens globally
    • • SANUS has more than 198 patents issued and 73 patents pending
    • • During 2010, SANUS will announce nearly 150 new product introductions
  • hr

    Product Safety

    At SANUS, safety comes first. So, that's why we put our products through a rigorous testing regimen, which includes ongoing tests throughout a product's lifecycle. Our products meet TUV, CE, RoHS and other standards.

    SANUS Fast Facts

    • • SANUS always makes product safety the #1 focus, at all times... period
    • • SANUS products are tested to minimum four times their rated weight capacity
    • • SANUS products are continually audited for safety as new TVs are introduced
  • Global Logistics

    SANUS' extensive global supply chain ensures quality product is on time and readily available. Our logistics network moves product between factories and warehouse facilities around the world every day. And our customers can rest assured knowing our shipping accuracy is among the highest in the industry.

    SANUS Fast Facts

    • • More than 1,500,000 units are in production and transit every day
    • • SANUS' product shipping accuracy rate is a remarkable 99.99%
    • • SANUS products are available in more than 80 countries around the world
  • Brand Integrity

    The quality, reliability and availability of our products has made SANUS a brand that consumers know and trust. Today, SANUS is one of the largest, best-known consumer electronics accessory brands in the world. SANUS is Latin for "sound" and we chose SANUS since our brand is backed by sound business practices.

    SANUS Fast Facts

    • • SANUS is #1 among TV wall mount brands consumers know and trust
    • • Consumers rate SANUS brand products a remarkable 4.7 out of 5.0 stars
    • • SANUS invests in the brand through extensive consumer advertising
  • Purchase Experience

    SANUS helps consumers navigate our extensive, complex product selection with market-leading initiatives such as the highest rated online SANUS MountFinder™ tool, effective self-guiding retail displays and informative packaging, all of which are the thoughtful result of our ongoing extensive consumer market research.

    SANUS Fast Facts

    • • SANUS products are compatible with 99.99% of TVs on the market today
    • • More than 15,000 products are sold at retail every day (1 every 5 seconds)
    • • SANUS has more than twice the mount sales volume of the closest competitor
  • Customer Support

    Our highly trained in-house call center representatives are specialized for the specific needs of our dealers and the end-user. Very quick response time and accurate information leads to complete customer satisfaction. And our CAPA system offers a mechanism for continual improvement and measurement.

    SANUS Fast Facts

    • • Majority of calls are answered within 30 seconds, seven days a week
    • • Customer Service Representatives are CTS certified for knowledgeable service
    • • CSRs have access to all departments, including Engineering, to seek answers
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SANUS MountFinder™ and SANUS HeightFinder™ tools take the guesswork out of finding the right mount and installation. Using your TV's brand and model number, these tools display compatible mounts and determine the perfect drilling location based on your preferences.