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TRILLIUM53 Discontinued

AV Stand

For TVs up to 60" and 100 lbs / 45 kg

TV Anti-Tip Strap Compatible

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SANUS Trillium series TRILLIUM53 is designed with the audiophile in mind. It features unique steel panels that doe not disrupt IR signal and allow airflow throughout the cabinet to keep components cool. A hidden storage area conceals an included power strip and small devices, and side compartments were specially designed to store gaming equipment and DVDs. The stand also features a large soundbar opening that fits most soundbars on the market.

Unique steel panels hide AV components without disrupting remote signals and while providing airflow to keep devices running smoothly

Hidden storage area discretely conceals a power strip and small devices

Side compartments are designed to conceal gaming systems and other items that can clutter family rooms

Perfect for soundbars - designed to conceal but not affect the performance of your soundbar

Model Code: TRILLIUM53
Price: $699.99
UPC Code: TRILLIUM53-DC1-793795526540-Dark Cherry
Product Width: 52.60" / 133.6 cm
Product Height: 22.50" / 57.15 cm
Product Depth: 21.00" / 53.34 cm
Product Weight: 120.00 lb / 54.55 kg
Top Shelf Width: 53.00" / 134.62 cm
Top Shelf Depth: 21.00" / 53.34 cm
Top Shelf Capacity: 100.00 lb / 45.45 kg

Middle Shelf Width: 40.30" / 102.362 cm

Middle Shelf Depth: 19.60" / 49.784 cm

Middle Shelf Capacity: 50.00 lb / 22.73 kg

Bottom Shelf Width: 19.90" / 50.546 cm

Bottom Shelf Depth: 19.60" / 49.784 cm

Bottom Shelf Capacity: 100.00 lb / 45.45 kg

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