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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is my mount compatible with my TV?

    There is a SANUS mount for almost every TV on the market! Find your perfect fit by using our MountFinder™ tool. Check out our full-motion, tilting, and fixed-position mounts to decide which is the best option for your room.

  2. What is the difference between mounts?

    There are three types of mounts to choose from. Fixed-position mounts hold TVs safely and securely, flat to the wall. Tilting mounts add tilt motion to help reduce glare and reflections. Full-motion mounts extend from the wall, tilt, and swivel to offer the best viewing angle, no matter where you are positioning and viewing your TV.

  3. How high should I mount my TV?

    The right TV height is all about comfortable viewing. When sitting on your couch or other furniture, your eyes should be level with the middle of the TV screen, which is usually between 40 to 60 inches off of the ground. Your screen size determines how far back from the TV you should sit. Double the diagonal measurement of your TV to determine where to place your furniture. For example, if you have a 40-inch TV, you should sit about 80 inches away, or about 5 to 8 feet, depending on your viewing preferences.

  4. How do I hide my cables?

    Many full-motion mounts have a built-in cable management area to keep cables neatly organized inside of the mount itself. Once your TV is mounted, on-wall cable tunnels hide cables. Cable tunnels can be cut and painted to fit your décor. If you prefer to completely hide all of your cables for a more streamlined look, an in wall kit safely hides all of your cables inside of the wall. Your TV will look like it’s floating!

  5. Where should I put holes in the wall when installing my mount?

    Your mount may have come with an installation template included in the package. The template will show you exactly where to drill holes to install your mount. If your mount does not have a template, you can use the SANUS HeightFinder™ tool to find the best location to drill holes before installation.

  6. Why are there different screw lengths?

    We provide a variety of screws in different lengths to make sure that the hardware included will fit your TV. To figure out which screws best fit your TV, insert a pencil or straw into one of the four holes on the back of your TV. Measure the depth of the pencil or straw and find the screws that most closely match the same depth.

  7. I have the VMF518-B1 full-motion mount and I need to adjust the tilting tension. What do I do?

    Our customer service team can answer any specific questions related to your exact mount. Customer service will even contact SANUS engineers to make sure your question is answered correctly. Call customer service at (800) 359-5520.

  8. I am having issues with the strings detaching from the tilting or fixed-position. What do I do?

    For problems that are not easily answered by this FAQ list, our customer service team is happy to help and is only a call away. Call customer service at (800) 359-5520.

  9. How do I compare mounts and the differences in fixed-position, tilt or full-motion?

    First, use our MountFinder™ tool to find out which mounts are compatible with your TV. The results will be sorted by mount type. Check out each product’s page to learn more about features and specifications. You can even watch helpful product videos to decide which type of mount is best for you.